Boris Eichenbaum


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Boris Mikhailovich Eikhenbaum, or Eichenbaum Russian: Борис Михайлович Эйхенбаум (October 4./October 16, 1886, Voronezh - November 2, 1959, Leningrad) was a Russian and Soviet literary scholar, and historian of Russian literature. He is a representative of Russian formalism.

The childhood and adolescence of Boris Eikhenbaum were spent in Voronezh. After finishing elementary school in 1905, Eikhenbaum went to Petersburg and enrolled in the Kirov Military Medical Academy, soon thereafter in 1906, he enrolled in the biological faculty of the Free High School of P. F. Lesgaft. In parallel he studied music (violin, piano, voice). In 1907 Eikhenbaum left this school and enrolled in the Musical school of E. P. Raprof and the historical-philological faculty of Saint Petersburg State University.